Video: Jurassic World Dominion Review

The Film Addict
2 min readJul 6, 2022

When was your last time watching a dinosaur-themed movie? Well, that is one good thing with Jurassic World Dominion and its peers — we are not actually running around in an era with an overload of dinosaur movies. We can definitely thank every superhero or zombie filmmaker for that, but we can do that later because right now, we have a lot to ponder about this latest Jurassic World installment.

Yes, you heard that right, installment. I don’t care how many gazillion times the marketing efforts of Jurassic World Dominion have stamped the term ‘epic conclusion’ into your head, you will have to get that right out, like, right now. Jurassic World was an epic blast when it came out in 2015 despite featuring Claire running away from a T-Rex in her Olympic high heels, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was a little bit of a letdown because J.A. Bayona’s gothic-infused mansion horror didn’t quite bite, but this.

This is it. The last of the trilogy (or hexalogy, as many claimed it to be), with the level of dinosaur threat the world has never seen before. My mind was itching that moment when Fallen Kingdom ended. I was pumped to see the film literally kicking out every last one of the dinosaurs’ butts from whatever container they were in, releasing them into the wild landscapes and pitting them against modern predators. It was an Avengers-level threat equivalent for the dinosaur-film franchise, which would build-up to an equally massive resolve, so I thought.

But reality is often disappointing, and this could not be truer for Jurassic World Dominion. I knew that director Colin Trevorrow was coming back to lead the franchise again, to at least raise the bar again after the lackluster-ish Fallen Kingdom. But in the words of my very own ‘epic conclusion’ as a result of watching this film, the best I can say is that, Trevorrow really excels when it comes to driving a trilogy towards a great start, but is not so great when it comes to concluding that trilogy itself.

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