New Mutants Surprises Fans with Actual Opening Scene & No Date Pushback (Video Inside)

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Source: Comic-Con@Home 2020

In what seems like a highly unexpected move through their San Diego Comic Con@Home panel, The New Mutants surprised us yet again. However, it is a sweet one this time around, as there is no announcement of further delays to the release date, yet. We had highly anticipated Disney to dish out that delay card again, but against all odds, that did not happen.

The theatrical release is currently anchored to August 28th, though at this moment of time, all still seems wobbly, considering the fact that Disney just pushed back some of its strong titles. The debut of usual blockbuster suspects like Avatar 2 and the next Star Wars film have been postponed by one year, with poor Mulan joining Christopher Nolan’s Tenet as one of the upcoming major films to be delayed indefinitely.

All things considered, The New Mutants definitely knows how to smile and get cheeky in the worst of situations. Instead of getting embarrassed by the constant delay in release dates, you can see The New Mutants poking fun at itself for perpetually shifting its date in the SDCC@Home panel video below.

The parody is then followed by talks featuring director Josh Boone (whose looks reminds me a lot about Benedict Cumberbatch. Strange) and the rest of the teen-mutant casts. Nonetheless, the actual fun starts at 24:11, after Boone can be heard saying that it is a “gift from himself and the casts for the most patient fans, like, in the world”, which is none other than the actual opening sequence of The New Mutants itself. Feel free to gawk at the animated sequence of “20th Century Studios” monolith that precedes the opening, which feels just, not right, after decades of accustoming to the word “Fox”.

Boone revealed almost three minutes of the opening, followed by over a minute of highlight reel, which top-ups even more unseen footage compared to the most recent trailer. Indeed, if seeing The New Mutants taking a jab at itself did not entertain you enough, the extra “gift” from Boone will. You can check out the Comic-Con@Home video here:

Originally published at on July 24, 2020.

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