Netflix’s ‘Enola Holmes’ Trailer: Millie Bobby Brown Out-nerds Henry Cavill

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Netflix drops the first trailer of Enola Holmes, and finally, the famed PC assembler Henry Cavill has met a worthy challenger that can resist all his charms and give him a good fight in terms of nerdiness. Or at least, that’s what Millie Bobby Brown’s character suggests, in that trailer.

Much like Cavill in real life, Sherlock Holmes has been stealing the limelight for quite some time, but for the latter, his popularity stretches way back to the era before PC’s were even invented. Holmes’ reputation as a fictional character really needs no introduction, and there has been numerous live-action adaptations of the character in the recent years, both in the form of TV-series and theatrical releases. But what about Sherlock’s sister?

Sherlock’s obscure little sister, Enola Holmes, did not debut until the 2000’s, not before Nancy Springer put her in the focus of public attention via her series of novels known as the Enola Holmes Mysteries. From how things turn out to be, the film from Netflix is certainly based on the first installment within the novel series, titled ‘The Case of the Missing Marquess’. Here is the trailer:

Via Netflix

The film is directed by renowned TV-series director, Harry Bradbeer, and stars Millie Bobby Brown in the titular role, along with Henry Cavill as her brother, Sherlock Holmes. I don’t know much about Stranger Things, but the last occasion I saw Brown was in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019). Her progression to become the leading actress in Enola Holmes certainly looks like a giant leap, but her acting chops in the trailer do look convincing and reinvigorating. There is a certain energy within Brown that befits characters like Enola, but whether that energy is strong enough to warrant the constant breaking of 4th wall as hinted by the trailer remains to be discovered. Either way, Enola Holmes seems to be a better vessel for her to shine compared to a debris floating around the battlefield of giant monsters.

Next to Cavill, who appears to retain his composed and sharp persona from his character in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015), the ever-talented Helena Bonham Carter stars as Enola’s mother, and she is as peculiar as you could ever imagine. Though, I suspect that she will quickly go missing after a short cameo in the movie.

Enola Holmes premieres on Netflix this coming 23rd of September.

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