‘Minamata’ Trailer: Johnny Depp Is Barely Recognizable In Upcoming Biopic

Source: Vertigo Releasing

Loved Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow? What if there’s a chance for us to see him and Davy Jones coming together on the big screen again? That is hardly possible, because as far as the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is concerned, they are done with Depp. But if you don’t mind seeing the duo reuniting in a biopic, then Minamata might just be the answer.

Vertigo Releasing has unveiled the official trailer of Minamata, with Depp helming the role of celebrated war-photographer W. Eugene Smith. Smith, as played by Depp, can be seen referring himself as “the greatest photographer that Life magazine has ever had” in the trailer, and has been known to uncover the deadly mercury poisoning in Minamata, Japan through his work in real-life. Check out the transformed Depp in the trailer below:

Via Vertigo Releasing

Now, where does Davy Jones come into the picture? Because the notorious captain of the Flying Dutchman’s face was endlessly buried under CGI-tentacles, it is hard to establish the ‘real face’ of Davy Jones. Nonetheless, Davy Jones was portrayed by Bill Nighy, and in the Minamata trailer above, you can see him in the role of Robert Hayes, the editor of Life magazine. Hayes is definitely an integral role in sending Smith towards his life changing assignment in Japan, and it is likely that the duo will share more screen time in the film than what’s suggested in the trailer.

Minamata is directed by Andrew Levitas, with Depp serving as one of the producers. Apart from Depp and Nighy, do expect some Japanese heavyweight stars to appear in Minamata, including Hiroyuki Sanada (The Wolverine, Avengers: Endgame), and Tadanobu Asano (Thor, Midway). Minami Hinase portrays Aileen, a Japanese activist who accompanies Smith throughout his stay in Minamata.

Originally premiered in Berlin International Film Festival early this year, Minamata is set to be distributed globally by regional industry players, with Vertigo releasing acquiring the rights to distribute in UK and Ireland. UK’s release is scheduled on February 12th, 2021, and as of now, no date has been set for release in the U.S.

Right off the trailer, we are assured that Smith is a drastic break away from the usually-playful and fantasy-heavy roles which Depp has been known for, which is not at all surprising, considering the nature of Minamata. What’s a little surprising, however, is the ‘extra pop’ that he projects within the trailer, which is rather unexplainable at this stage, but I suspect and hope that it has something to do with Depp rediscovering himself after his recent row with ex-wife Amber Heard. Minamata is definitely worth a shot if you wish to catch up with Depp, and biopic-drama is something that often appears in your menu, though if you can’t bear flipping through disturbing photos, the film is certainly not your cup of tea.

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