Marvel’s Shang-Chi to Resume Filming, Backdrops Look Fantastic (Video Inside)

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Source: Marvel Studios

Finally, some good news for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you have been enthusiastic about Marvel’s upcoming Asian-centric superhero offering, Shang-Chi, then this news and the aerial view of the filming sets will satiate you and keep you that way for little longer.

Thanks to a chopper footage released by Australian news portal, 7News over the weekend, fans can catch their best glimpse yet of what’s coming in the martial-arts superhero flick. In a filming site at Western Sydney, it’s all hustle and bustle as cranes and workers can be seen piecing together a Chinese village, dominated by a large, central temple that looks set to hold secrets of martial artists for thousands of years. I will just let the video below speak for itself:

“It’s understood that all cast and crew have now arrived from overseas, and after completing their required quarantine, shooting will begin in the coming days, 18 weeks later than originally planned,” the news presenter later added. That is certainly some awesome news!

Honestly, after the big bang in the form of Avengers: Endgame last year, things have been moving rather slowly for MCU Phase 4. We are already celebrating our first full year without any theatrical release from Marvel Studios as we speak, and if the pandemic still continues to grapple the film industry like it currently does, we might continue to float for another six months to a year before any MCU movie materializes on the big screen.

Undeniably, the concept of putting Shang-Chi in action on the silver screen is not something entirely new, as talks have been reported to date as far back as the 80’s. It is widely believed that the success of Black Panther (2018) had much contributed to the green light that Shang-Chi receives, and Marvel Studios have since been open to explore “Asian and Asian-American themes” in their future works. Naturally, Japanese-American filmmaker, Destin Daniel Cretton was signed up to direct Shang-Chi, with Canadian-Chinese Simu Liu casted as the titular character.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was originally scheduled to premier on 12th February 2021, to coincide with the celebration of Chinese New Year, but the development of Covid-19 worldwide had since pushed back the release date to 7th May of the same year. Marvel Studios intends to release Shang-Chi after Black Widow and The Eternals, which have been similarly delayed. The release date of Black Widow currently resides at 6th November 2020, with The Eternals picking up the baton in February next year.

The latest development of Shang-Chi in the Aussie-land comes as a form of assurance from Marvel Studios that all is not too bleak for MCU Phase 4, and Tony Stark’s soul-willing, the studio will be able catch up with the fans’ demand soon.

Originally published at on August 3, 2020.

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