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Pale skin. Heavy-breathing. Disappearing iris. We all know too well how perfectly-healthy humans can turn ill and end up being zombies in Resident Evil. Though originally released as far back as in 1996, there is no doubt that many adults today still remember the fear and terror of playing Resident Evil for the first time at night, alone. Even until today, many still wonder how a game console, a puny TV and crappy resolution were able to give them a good deal of nightmare.

Then came Resident Evil (2002), a live-action movie based on the game with a leading character who was a total unknown — Alice. Not being a Redfield or a Valentine, Alice continued to confuse the viewers — players and non-players alike — and I would totally forgive anyone who thought that Resident Evil was a zombified twist to the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland. To clear up the air, Alice was in fact a custom-made character created by director Paul W. S. Anderson to make his live-action movie less predictable to the viewers, by large those who had already completed the game(s). And I swear to you that she was born of an idea as complex as “a Caucasian woman stealing Ada Wong’s red dress”. …


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