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You really can’t fault others for comparing The Midnight Sky with The Revenant (2015). With both penned by acclaimed screenwriter, Mark L. Smith, the connection between them is as legit as distant relatives who share a common bloodline. I would not go to the extent of labelling the depiction of freezing cold environment and the element of survival as something uniquely attributed to Smith, but both The Midnight Sky and The Revenant certainly share this similar trait. For the case of The Midnight Sky, the extreme temperatures are tied to the location of George Clooney’s character when the plot begins.

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Godzilla vs Kong’s trailer is arguably the biggest trailer reveal of 2021 yet, but it is not only big in sheer size. Of course, Kong is a grown up now, and his towering figure is a testament that you can put on pounds of pure muscle while being confined in a small space (read: Skull Island), with little to no help from a fitness coach, so you should stop blaming the pandemic and the closure of gyms for looking like a starving caveman. Or a melted ice-cream.

Yes, we have all been starved of big movie titles since Pandemic-20 started…


Powerful time-proven techniques that can ruin any movie

They said that one man’s meat could be another man’s poison. I certainly can’t speak for people who love football or politics, but if you are a person who spends a considerable amount of time thinking, fantasizing, being depressed or obsessed about films, chances are the idea of becoming a film director is not that peculiar for you.

We all have heard about the horrific tales of being in the top management before. Your friends or relatives who have made it to the top of the food chain in organizations, be it a manufacturing plant, a government body, a small…

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Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman sequel is short on one thing that is widely regarded as a bane to filmmakers worldwide. Wonder Woman 1984 is certainly not an awful superhero film, but if we place the movie side-by-side with its predecessor — Wonder Woman (2017), it certainly leaves much to be desired. And I mean, an awful lot, to be desired.

Much of the hype surrounding Wonder Woman 1984 centered around Jenkins, who had shocked the world with the success of her first Wonder Woman film. …


Flashier does not equal better

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DC’s follow up to the marvelous Wonder Woman (2017) is supposed to briefly detach us away from the ‘breathtaking’ 2020, and allow us to take a short trip to an alternate world of good ol’ 80’s where superheroes exist. As a cinematic piece that comes directly from the hands of Patty Jenkins herself, I expect no less from Wonder Woman 1984. In some ways, my wish was fulfilled, but in some ways, I was unknowingly asking for too much. …

A rebellious and garish shootout born out of gamer’s deepest desires

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Take away his wand. Give him some guns. Make him a nerd. Is it really that straightforward? Nope, I don’t think so . There is so much more going on in Guns Akimbo that it is not just an alternate universe where Harry Potter was born in a modern world and grew up to become a programmer.

After watching eight films in a timespan that stretches over eleven years, it is hard for me to associate Danial Radcliffe with anything other than a boy-wizard, and yet, here he is today, toying with guns in Guns Akimbo. Truth to be told…

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Pale skin. Heavy-breathing. Disappearing iris. We all know too well how perfectly-healthy humans can turn ill and end up being zombies in Resident Evil. Though originally released as far back as in 1996, there is no doubt that many adults today still remember the fear and terror of playing Resident Evil for the first time at night, alone. Even until today, many still wonder how a game console, a puny TV and crappy resolution were able to give them a good deal of nightmare.

Then came Resident Evil (2002), a live-action movie based on the game with a leading character…

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Of course, and respectfully, it is not the Aston Martin DB5. We all know that Rami Malek’s Safin looks set to become one of the dopest villains in the Bond franchise, but do you know that Daniel Craig’s final Bond outing in No Time to Die will also feature one of the craziest Aston Martins ever?

Ever since Sean Connery grappled with the steering wheel of an Aston Martin DB5 as he maneuvered through tricky situations as 007, the car brand has become pretty much synonymous with the world-renowned secret agent. While the DB5 is often touted as the ‘official…


There is something about the movie that can’t be quantified

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“Discover Holidate. An online platform for singles around the world to virtually date each other on holidays. It’s fun! It’s safe, and it totally complies with the decade-long lockdown that the world is going through. Download now.” Sounds like a solid copy for an app getting launched in 2025. Beer festivals. New Year Eve parties. Those things you see in the movie, Holidate? They all seem to be increasingly distant from reality now.

Holidate (the movie) is about Sloane (Emma Roberts), a young, single lady just a little south of her big 30, who is constantly subjected to attempted match-makes…

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Think that you had enough of Covid-19? The trailer of Michael Bay’s upcoming pandemic thriller, Songbird, suggests that you hold your horses and set your sights straight on Covid-23.

The world certainly does not need another installment of Aubobots squaring off with Decepticons right now, at least not one directed by Michael Bay and features an explosion every five seconds. …

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